What To Eat Post-Workout

What To Eat Post-Workout

September 07, 2017

So, imagine this: we are in a high-volume, high-intensity week of the cycle and you just finished a grueling workout that had a lot of reps and a lot of weight.  Is the first thought what should I eat to help myself recover?  Well, it should be…

After a workout, our body is depleted of its energy (glycogen aka calories) and our muscles have little micro-tears in them that need repairing!  Guess what helps us repair and recover our body…?  That’s right, CALORIES!  But the right type of calories is going to be more beneficial than just any old combination that you can find.

Your muscles like both proteins and carbohydrates after a workout, so how much of these should we give our body?! 
Depending on your weight and your goals:
15-35g of Protein
30-100g of Carbohydrates

Keep fats minimal because fats tend to slow down the absorption of carbohydrates and protein to your body aka they slow the process of recovery.  So those beloved Perfect Foods Bars post workout?  Not the best idea…save them for another time in the day.
What types of foods can this be?!

Protein Sources –
Whey Protein
Chicken Breast
Low-Fat or Non-Fat Greek Yogurt

Carbohydrate Sources –
Sweet potatoes or White potatoes
White Rice
Whole grain bread or bagels
Fruits like bananas or apples

Alright, so now when should we be eating this?! I’m not asking you to bring your plate and fork onto the workout floor and chow down immediately after you finish, BUT the sooner, the better.

Within 20 minutes – Try to get something easy to digest and simple in.  This could be your protein shake and a banana or some overnight oats!

Within 2 hours – This is when we’d want to get our next MEAL in.  Stick to again, lean proteins like the ones listed above, and a healthy starch.  Keep fats for the meals away from your workout.

Now you’re equipped to recover in the best way possible!  Fuel your body, and it will repay you!

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